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During the mania they might have racked up massive debts, damaged their careers and relationships with reckless behaviour or engaged in promiscuous activities that make them feel embarrassed.

Post mania requires rebuilding and often coming to terms with a life-changing diagnosis.

Analyses suggest that almost 50 per cent of people present with symptoms before the age of 21, and a recent review of 27 studies suggested an average delay of almost six years between first symptoms of bipolar disorder and targeted treatment.

This new study highlights a lack of high-quality evidence for interventions in first episode mania, as well as gaps in guidelines on how to treat people experiencing mania for the first time.

It is vital that people are not left to go through this process alone." The paper includes a first-person account from John*, who experienced symptoms of bipolar disorder for the first time at age 16.

John comments: "My struggles with mental health began at age 14 when I started to experience some symptoms of depression.

Nearly six million Americans have bipolar disorder, and most have probably wondered why.

After more than a decade of studying over 1,100 of them in-depth, a team of scientists has an answer -- or rather, seven answers.

But all of their experiences include features that fall into seven classes of phenotypes, or characteristics that can be observed, the team reports in a new paper in the . Prechter Bipolar Research Program, collected and analyzed tens of thousands of data points over years about the genetics, emotions, life experiences, medical histories, motivations, diets, temperaments, sleep patterns and thought patterns of research volunteers.

More than 730 had bipolar disorder, and 277 didn't.


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