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Unless you NEED this class, it's not worth the hassle. You might as well skip class and memorize the power points. Don't have a bad exam or your grade is in the toilet.

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If you go to class and actually study for the exams, you'll do well. Really don't understand why there are such bad ratings for Prof. OK she's not the professor that will change your life with amazing lectures that you want to go to..

Essay test questions are simple to predict if you look at the material. Shes not very enthusiastic but her notes are online and as long as you study them you'll do good. but show your face at office hours, read the text, and you'll be fine.

I went to class, didn't pay attention, and just crammed the night before an exam and did fine. Professor Horwath could make her powerpoints more clear, but she clarifies all important material by drawing out diagrams and flowcharts. Her PPs are horrible and make zero sense when you try to review them. Her Power Point slides are disorganized and poorly planned. Attendance isn't mandatory, but said she would bump your grade if you attended class, which she definitely did not do.

As the previous review says, her tests are essays which is awful, and she also takes points off w/out explanation. Tests are essays, easy to predict the questions, but takes off points without explaining.

Her tests are essay tests, but they are shockingly easy, and she grades them easy too. Horwath posts very cryptic power points- they're impossible to fully understand unless you follow along in class and translate each slide. She is unorganized, not willing to help, and all the information comes from her jumbled Power Point.

She's very rude to students and supplies no study materials or subject guides. She'll say things like "we'll go into more detail later" but never does.

Her class is all about memorizing her notes word from word for the exams. Attendance is not mandatory but she takes attendance about 5 random times throughout the semester.

By far, the worst professors I have ever had in my 3 years at Binghamton.

I went to class for first two weeks and then skipped for 2 months LOL.

Her lectures can be dry and it may seem that she's just reading her slides every class, but she's receptive to questions and is a very lenient grader.


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