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Being a good leader entails that you care about your group members and want everyone to be successful.

Being a good leader entails that you care about your group members and want everyone to be successful.

I need to make a more conscience effort to make sure that everyone is communicating with one another and... Although apprenticeships are pretty easy to get if you look, you do get better hands on experience in college or a culinary institute.

Whether you choose college or the institute, your first step would be to get an associate’s degree.

Good leaders should constantly be working and studying to improve their leadership skills.

Leadership is defined as a process by which a person influences others to accomplish an objective and directs the organization in a way that makes it more cohesive and coherent.

I have gained essential qualities of being a good leader through these experiences.

Some of the valuable leaderships traits that I obtained and strengthened are: how to be a team player, to be a better listener, to have more patience, to be not afraid of constructive criticism, to be outspoken, and to be a problem solver.I am usually the one sending out the emails to delegate tasks and making sure that everyone is up to speed.Lastly, I always ensure that these tasks are understood and accomplished.Good leaders develop through a never ending process of self-study, education, training, and experience.I think one of a leaders’ main goals should be to inspire their workers into higher levels of teamwork, which can be acquired through continual work and study.Very loud, strong headed and overly confident people make me not want to take control as much for fear that they will not like my ideas.I also have a hard time saying no if someone is willing to take control and lead the group. I am always very good at paying attention in class and, therefore, if I hear the teacher give requirements for a project, I just assume that everyone else is paying equal attention.I believe that if one person slacks, everyone in the group will model to that person, and that is never the direction you want an effective group to go in.When working in a group, I also make sure that everyone is informed.Just realize your mistakes and errors and prepare more yourself to benefit the team.When you come back the next time, be mentally and physically prepared, and ready to meet the next challenge.


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