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Think of a 500- to 650-word essay as a smooth and enjoyable flight from D. Next, just as one wants to have an enjoyable in-flight experience with the fasten seatbelt sight off and flight attendants passing out drinks and snacks, so to does a 500- to 650-word essay allow readers to relax a bit.In 500 to 650 words students are able to produce non-rushed, non-turbulent, highly valuable descriptive and specific body paragraphs that go a long way toward proving the essay’s thesis.There are no doubts that college admissions experts will be glad to read a well-structured story of 500-600 words.

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Though, this figure may vary because some higher educational establishments don't use the College App.

Find out why you'd better write an essay within the mentioned word limit if you want to get the desired A-grade. ” “Will I get a positive mark for the essay paper, which is 700 instead of 650 words? Of course, it is not crucial to add several extra words to the essay.

If its content is really good and the whole paper is error-free, the college admissions board won't evaluate it negatively.

However, you need to understand that plus 5 words and plus 50 words is a great difference.

So, if you need up to five extra words to finish your brilliant thought, you can do this without any worries. There are two main reasons why you shouldn't write long essays.

They are the following: Not many colleges give preference to longer essays but still such exist.By the way, even this academic assignment should be written within a certain limit.During the last four years (2016-2019), the essay limit has been 650 words.This is why none of our clients have ever submitted a Common App essay consisting of fewer than 450 words.With that said, the true sweet spot in Common Application essay writing, for this current year’s prompts and prompts going back over a decade, is 500 to 650 words.Not many colleges give preference to longer essays but still such exist.As it has already been mentioned, college essays should count up to 650 words maximum. In some educational establishments, they recommend making essays as short as possible due to the fact that admissions officers are overloaded with papers.Now you know why college admissions require to write an essay within a certain limit. A well-written application paper opens a lot of great opportunities in front of you.Want to make a good impression and get a scholarship? So, you are recommended to check high-quality college essay samples for you to create a powerful paper.Do you wonder why you got a bad mark for a long essay?It is due to the fact that the principle “the more, the better” doesn't work here.


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