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Argumentative Essay Gas Prices-22
In the United States, gasoline prices rose to all-time highs between mid-December 2004 and mid-March 2005.

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Specific policy interventions were applied in three broad categories: (i) interventions to assure household food security by establishing food safety nets; (ii) interventions to lessen domestic food prices by way of penalty or administrative action, and (iii) interventions to develop supplies and production of longer-term food supply.

Given the three categories of policies there are preferred options that are more reliable and equitable.

The depth, targeting efficiency and value of the transfer programs depends on the country's level of development.

Another set of best options to decrease domestic prices cover the lowering of tariffs and other government taxes on key staples.

Whether it from how much we drive on a daily bases, to taxes charged by federal state, and/or local governments.

There are many variables that go into calculating gas that the consumer uses today. Energy Information Administration – EIA – Independent Statistics and Analysis. wheat export prices skyrocketed from 5/ton in January to 0/ton in March.The governments of the developed and developing countries adopted various mitigation measures.Crude oil is produced by many different countries and which is overseen by OPEC. efining system to satisfy steadily rising gasoline demand, has also contributed to higher prices at the pump for consumers. Consumers will spend billions of dollars a day to fill their automobiles; but when the price of a barrel of gas increases; a consumers may only spend millions of dollars. Crude oil costs increased are related to the falling value of the U. dollar, which is used by OPEC to price crude oil worldwide. Supply disruptions, such as scheduled or unscheduled refinery maintenance, can slow or stops production of gasoline for a short time, which can prompt bidding war for available supplies. The subsequent revenue loss arising from the reduction of the tariffs is very important and the fiscal result of implementing this with extra social protection expenditures can require cutbacks in less priority areas.Approximately twenty-four out of fifty-eight countries under study have recently reduced import duties and Value Added Taxes in the phenomenon of rising food prices.Results of primary use for gasoline, gasoline prices rising to all-time highs and environmental programs are the reason why consumers are complaining about driving their automobiles today.The primary use for gasoline is in automobiles and light trucks.Fuel produced all year round, and is delivered from oil refineries through pipelines to a massive distribution chain serving 167,000 retail stations throughout the United States (“EIA Brochures”, 2004).Refineries produce millions of barrels of gas a day; but not all barrels of gas are delivered to retail stations.


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