Archetype Essay

In the end of the movie, time jumps ahead 20 years where Smalls is a radio commentator for the LA Dodgers and Benny is one of the team’s star players.Before the movie ends, Benny steals home and flashed a thumbs-up to Smalls in the press box.When we watch movies, we realize that many characters are just like us.

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They are the basic forms, but not the manifest, personified or otherwise concretised images.

He was offering observations and explanations in detached, scholarly manner, which is always difficult for many in academia to understand.

Archetypes Jung’s conception of the psyche as comprising three ‘layers’, including the collective unconscious, is briefly explained in this volume in my essay ‘Odin and the Faustian Imperative’, where Jung’s ‘Wotan’ essay is also mentioned.

Smalls is shy and unconfident and knows nothing about the sport so he feels left out.

He asks his stepfather if he could teach him how to play but even then, he is not very good.


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