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As previously reported, in the period of July 2015 to July 2016, immigration levels to Canada reached their highest point since at least 1971, when records began.A total of 320,932 new immigrants arrived in Canada during that time, representing an increase of one-third over the same period in 2014—2015.

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For example, if more men and women come to start careers and families in Canada, the country may benefit from their economic input and the input of their children for future generations.

The report declares that although immigration may not entirely solve the challenges posed by Canada’s aging population, nevertheless new immigrants are essential in order to reduce the side effects.

In particular Clemens argues the federal government must allow the provinces greater flexibility and autonomy in the design, regulation, financing, and provision of health care while retaining the principles of universality and portability.

Labour Market Reforms Among the authors there is broad support for measures to improve the incentives for Canadians to work.

It also increases the ratio of workers to retirees, which eases pressure on social services.

If population growth continues as established without a significant effort to grow the population, it is projected that Canada will be home to 54 million people by 2100.It is projected that without significant policy changes, including a substantial increase in immigration, the costs required to support retirees could undermine the strength of Canada’s economy in the coming decades.The report proposed four scenarios for the future of Canada’s population growth.A new report from the Conference Board of Canada has found that immigration levels should increase to 413,000 per year by 2030 to strengthen Canada’s economic growth.The report highlights the need for increased immigration in order to respond to challenges posed by Canada’s aging population.Increasing the Canadian population will ‘cushion the impact’ of economic consequences of overall population aging, the report states, adding that inviting more immigrants to enter the workforce will ‘boost Canada’s labour force and generate stronger long-term economic growth’.Economic growth may be strengthened in the long term because inviting qualified, working-age individuals — rather than focusing on increasing the fertility rate — provides a faster and effective solution to a shrinking pool of workers.That number, argues the report, is not sufficient to sustain a strong economy and support an aging population.The subsequent slowing in economic growth will impact revenue for governments, and consequently job creation and social services.She says, "Diverting service delivery away from the traditional hospital model, which is expensive, heavily unionized, and therefore difficult to manage efficiently, towards smaller clinics would save dollars and provide better patient care." She also recommends a number of other targeted strategies such as moving patients from emergency rooms to primary health clinics, changing the payments for doctors from fee-for-service to salaries, re-classifying some portion of healt care spending so that it is a taxable benefit for individuals, and encouraging provinces to co-operate to limit salary increases for health care professionals.Drawing inspiration from the successful welfare reform of the 1990s, Jason Clemens argues that the federal government needs first to reform the health transfers to the provinces more extensively than what has already been proposed by Finance Minister Jim Flaherty.


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