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There were a few key elements to their DIY Google Ad Words campaign that were missing in order to be able to track their performance with a laser-like focus.Without getting too technical, these included: The main goal of the campaign was to get new qualified visitors to the site and get those visitors to become leads.

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So if you don’t follow a lead up promptly in a professional and courteous manner Plus first impressions count, and most people aren’t going to be impressed with a slow follow up on email requests because they’ll worry that your overall service will also be slow and unreliable.

You’d be amazed at how many business owners fail to grasp this fundamental concept!

This information helped us refine and optimise this PPC campaign to continually make it more targeted and more efficient the longer it ran.

In this case it was easy to know what success looked like.

***Rant over***The other key element you need is creating a strong feedback loop between your sales and marketing people so that the sales people who deal with leads communicate constantly with the marketing people who generate those leads, and vice versa.

That communication will help you understand what proportion of leads are quality leads, what makes them high quality and what type of leads you want to focus on in the future.But digital marketing wasn’t an area he was familiar with and the company didn't have any historical digital marketing campaigns to build on, so the strategy was created from scratch.Naturally, having a limited budget and no previous track record of what had worked and what hadn’t meant we were facing some challenges, but hey, we relish a challenge!What’s great about Google Ad Words campaigns is that, when they’re set up properly, they , in this case business consulting.So these leads are generally already pretty highly qualified as they’ve got actual intent towards using your services.I’ve heard countless times from people that it’s too hard to make money from Adwords.That all the niches and industry verticals are dominated by big players with deep pockets and armies of PPC specialists and the fanciest, shiniest, most expensive PPC management tools around. Listen: I’m not going to sit here and lie and tell you it’s a piece of cake to make money from Adwords, because it’s not.The constant feedback between the Digital Rhinos marketing team and the company’s sales team allowed us to determine the value of leads and tweak it quarterly to ensure it matched reality.Then we could work out the return being generated by those leads compared to the marketing spend.The client in this case study is involved in business consultancy, but they faced the same challenges that I see a ton of smaller B2B companies face: Like most B2B industries compared to B2C, it’s not about huge volumes of customers – consulting is about building intimate relationships with customers, which helps significantly with repeat business.So the average Although it was growing slowly, our client was a small company with very limited resources (sound familiar? The business owner was highly committed and passionate about his industry, extremely client focused, and prepared and committed to investing his limited budget in digital marketing.


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