Adolf Hitler Leadership Essay

Adolf Hitler Leadership Essay-65
Winston Churchill was a very inspirational leader to millions of soldiers and civilians.

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Hence, he was introduced to the world of politics from a very young age.

Winston considered his father, Lord Randolph his role model and wished to follow his footsteps.

Nazi’s were considered very evil at the same time a great threat which could not be ignored.

Eventually, people started understanding his point of view and later on joined hands with him in the fight for freedom.

Hitler’s violent childhood thanks to his father led to hatred in his heart which was nurtured by those he admired and this became the basis of Hitler’s motivation as a ruler.

Their unhappy childhood turned them into history’s greatest leaders.Integrity was one of the key traits of Churchill’s leadership style.His rock solid moral values of what was right and wrong helped him stay strong during the war.He never avoided making tough decisions, unlike other leaders. Trust another important trait required in order to be a leader.If the people do not trust the leader, they will refuse to carry out one’s own vision.His earnest entreaties inspired billions of people to stand up and take responsibility by doing their duties in the struggle against tyranny.In order to make his vision effective he made people believe in it.Another important trait was that he was very decisive.He knew exactly what he wanted and was very precise in give instructions.In the darkest hours of war, it was his words that planted a small seed of hope in the minds of people that they could actually win the war.Of course, he was capable of more than just pretentious or pompous talk.


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