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I guess I just hoped things would somehow get better."Just barely a teenager and with her father becoming less and less of a presence in her life, King turned to a co-star for the sort of guidance a girl might look to find in her dad."I credit my former co-star Hal Williams with being a wonderful influence.

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"By the time the disease really began to take over his mind and body, he was living in Panola County, Texas, with his fourth wife.

I was pregnant when my husband and I went to visit him, and I was devastated by what I saw.

I couldn't get that whole scene out of my head, though, and once I learned that my dad's son-in-law had stolen a lot of his money, I knew something had to change.

That's when Pat [her older half-sister] and I started planning to bring him back home to Los Angeles."Taking care of the financials while Pat took care of their father, physically, King was struggling.

The house was so unkempt and seeing my dad living in those conditions made me even more emotional than I already was," she wrote in .

"My husband didn't want me to be in that environment, nor did he like seeing me so upset, so he made up an excuse for us to cut the trip short."I only realized much later that the divorce really had little to do with that.It had more to do with who he was as a man."While dad was drifting further and further away, mom was encouraging her daughters to follow their dreams, enrolling them in acting classes. There's no more delicate way to describe the sort of person who can sustain a career like hers; one that's not just still surviving some 30-years after it began, but truly thriving.The three-time Emmy winner has spent the last few years raising the game on television in prestige dramas like that just might earn King her first Golden Globe win at this weekend's 76th annual ceremony, not to mention a buzzed-about Oscar nod when they're announced on January 23.When someone understands that, they generate things that are interesting for you," she explained.While her career was entering its third phase, she was dealing with a new wrinkle in her relationship with her dad, who'd told her and her sisters years earlier that he'd been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease.He played my father on , which aired for [five] seasons, and also became a father figure for me when the cameras stopped rolling," she explained."He'd let me sit up under him and talk about teenage stuff and just be, which was something I no longer did with my dad.Amid all the accolades that have been thrown the actress' way these last few years—and rightfully so, mind you—it's easy to overlook how things could have gone quite differently for King if it weren't for her tenacious commitment to honesty, her unwillingness to settle for the sure thing, and her unwavering need to keep the private things private.Born in 1971 and raised in Los Angeles, King's parents divorced when she was just eight years old and with her father Thomas, who had two older daughter from a previous marriage, largely out of the picture, it fell to mother Gloria, a special education teacher, to raise her and younger sister Reina on her own.


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