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Campaign among the illiterate adults, therefore, is also a crying necessity.

Adult education has so long been only a piecemeal, voluntary affair.

Within a decade, the Russians got rid of ignorance as colossal as ours; and now the Chinese have also achieved it.

They took at once a total war against illiteracy for which the services of all educated men and women were conscripted.

This has been ignored in the basis pattern advocated by Gandhiji.

The problem can be solved only by recognition of the fact that education must be the primary responsibility of the State. Voluntary efforts can only touch a fringe of the problem.Illiteracy has traditionally been viewed as largely a third world problem.However, it is becoming apparent that in countries such as the USA and Australia, illiteracy rate is on the increase.The unprecedented hikes in tuition fees further exert financial pressures to these people.Along with the increasing cost of living, it is likely that these people quit studies to enter the workforce. Without adequate literacy, these people will be unemployed or underemployed. We all recognize that illiteracy is bed, that it prevents the cultural growth of a people.But illiteracy in our country continues to exist on an appalling scale.Mahatma Gandhi recognized this basic difficulty and he suggested a scheme by which children would begin to earn while they were learning.In that scheme, known as basic Education scheme, it is not only craft-centered, but the crafts are so chosen as to have a profit basis.Of course, making elementary education compulsory demands money.Children of workers and peasants have to think of earning before they can think of learning.


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